The process behind steel detailing

Steel detailing is a long and interesting process that starts with the design of a steel structure and ends with the presentation of the final drawings. This process is necessary for the precise design of any construction or manufacturing regarding steel. Read more about the steel detailing process below: Conception The first step in the … Read more

How to choose, cut and bend sheet metal

In many DIY home projects, such as building an aviary, you will be required to use sheet metal, but where to start? Using sheet metal is a simple process, but you need to know what you’re doing. Think about the project and plan everything regarding the sheet metal including the thickness you would need, how … Read more

What benefits come from plate forming?

Steel plate formatting is the process of creating different steel parts and objects by using mechanical deformation. Forming allows for the reshaping of a piece of steel without adding or removing any materials. This means that you can form large plates without wasting much and the piece remains. This is also like bending steel into … Read more

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