How is stainless steel maintained?

Stainless steel is a very attractive material used to create a variety of products. These products, though they are classified as stainless, do still require some maintenance. They may, in fact, stain or discolour if they are not maintained correctly. Here’s how stainless steel is maintained:

General cleaning

The general maintenance of stainless steel is very simple. All that you would be required to do – for domestic and architectural stainless steel – is to clean the material using mild detergent and warm water. The product should then be rinsed and dried with a cloth to prevent any marks from water droplets.

Lime removal

Stainless steel that is exposed to hard water frequently may be subjected to lime deposits. These deposits are tough to remove, and so they require harsher solvents to get the job done. The lime coated stainless steel product will need to be soaked in a vinegar and water mixture for a few minutes. After soaking, the lime can be removed with a brush. The stainless steel should then be rinsed with water.

Grease cleaning

Any excess grease should be wiped off with a cloth or paper towel. Once this has been done, soak the stainless steel product in warm detergent or use solvents such as alcohol or methylated spirits to get rid of the rest of the grease. Finally, follow-up your grease cleaning method with general cleaning.

Rust removal

It takes a lot to get to this point, but your stainless steel may eventually rust and corrode. To remove the rust, you will need to soak the stainless steel in a nitric acid and water solution. Be careful when handling the nitric acid as it could cause chemical burns. The steel should be left to soak for up to an hour before being rinsed thoroughly.

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