Why Bekker Steel is the best Steel Supplier in Gauteng

Bekker Steel is passionate about providing the highest calibre of products that can be utilised across various operations and other industrial contexts. We focus on sustainability and technologically advanced techniques to simplify operations. We have integrated a unique combination of steel processing requirements. We aim to specialize in servicing local metal producers, manufacturing industries, builders, … Read more

The importance of Steel Detailing

Steel detailing is one of the the important services which is in prolific demand in the structural engineering field. Most of the steel construction companies make it a point to have a separate and dedicated team to handle the steel detailing and fabrication services so that they can have a specialist take care of it.

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Uses for Wear Plates

It is crucial to pay attention to maintenance and protection of most exposed parts when it comes to mechanical assets, such as machines and equipment. Whether you finance or lease business equipment, it should be kept in working condition. Equipment and machinery for business is quite costly, which makes replacing it every now and then troublesome and expensive. Reducing damages and ensuring proper usage will help in prolonging the useful life of each piece of equipment.

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