Where Would you use Steel Bending & Steel Rolling techniques

Bekker Steel incorporates the highest standard of steel supply in the industry. We offer a wide range of steel bending and steel rolling operations for a multitude of industries and contexts.

Steel bending is the process of using a tube bender in order to manipulate the shape and size of an industrial project or operation. There are various ways of bending steel with a tube bender. To begin with, the first option is to place the tube into the bender and measure the correct angle required for the operation.

Steel rolling integrates a process whereby the rolling steel plate is placed between the upper and lower rollers. Once completed, there are different grades of plate thickness which can be distributed through a versatile range of grinding methods.

The various steel bending and rolling processes can be incorporated into construction industries, shearing operations, swing beam bending, sheet metalworking as well as laser cutting solutions.

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