3 Benefits of steel profile cutting

Bekker Steel is an industry leader in the steel service centre with an extensive range of experience in plate processing, profile cutting and steel bending for a multitude of industries and contexts.

Here are 3 benefits of steel profile cutting:

  1. Low utilisation of power consumption

Steel profile cutting utilises low power consumption which ultimately reduces the operational expenditure. The typical amount of power consumption is approximately 10kW, whereas other steel cutting methods use 60kW of power.

  1. Quick and efficient setup times

Operators are not required to set up with expensive materials and equipment. There are effective methods in terms of machine programming and changeover maintenance. The revs per minute makes the steel cutting effective through customising the design and metal fabrication. Production time is able to react according to the production needs of the environment.

  1. Precision through efficiency

The process of steel profile cutting can involve a focused beam of laser light which ultimately enables the steel to be separated through burning or vaporising metals. There is minimal distortion involved in between the steel sheets and can allow for steel and materials not to be worn out during the laser cutting process.

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